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Note: The Galaxy instance has been updated with background correction and clonal reads removal options. The stand-alone executable versions are not supporting these modifications, thus we strongly suggest to use the galaxy instance.

Stand-alone executable versions of the NGS-QC Generator (version 0.31):

NGSQC_linux_i386_v0.31.tar.gz (32-bit)
NGSQC_linux_x86_64_v0.31.tar.gz (64-bit)

Note: You must use the 64 bits version to analyse BED files larger than 2GB.

Importantly, this version requires BEDtools to be installed on the hosting system. It can be retrieved at:
Stable releases:

In addition, genome files required for the executable versions are available here as separate files: (ce4, ce6, ce10, danRer5, danRer6, danRer7, dm2, dm3, hg18, hg19, mm8, mm9, mm10, rn3, rn4, rn5)

  Note: the genome files are already included inside the previous compressed files.