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Our proprietary NGS-QC concept has been applied for establishing the first QC indicator database covering the largest collection of ChIP-seq and enrichment-related datasets retrieved in the public domain. Indeed, the NGS-QC database is currently hosting quality descriptors for more than 108098 publicly available datasets and our team is extensively working to cover all ChIP-seq and enrichment-related NGS profiling assays available in the public domain.

The current certified database is comprised by ChIP-seq datasets related to various transcription factors, but also relevant histone modification marks. Furthermore, enrichment-related datasets like FAIRE-seq, MeDIP-seq, Mnase-seq, MRE-seq and even RNA-seq assays are also part of this collection. While most of the current certified entries are part of the public repository GEO, we have also certified datasets produced by large consortia efforts like ENCODE. In the following months, other dataset repositories might also be included in our collection with the aim of presenting the largest collection of Quality certified datasets.

With the aim of providing intuitive guidelines for the use of our database please visit our dedicated videos and Database guidelines made at this purpose.
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The NGS-QC database is currently hosting quality descriptors for 108098 publicly available datasets. Those entries are classified by their corresponding target molecules and their NGS-QC quality distributions are displayed below in a violin/boxplot. Vertical dashed lines defines the boundary for the QC-STAMP grades A, B, C and D corresponding to the inter-quartile intervals.

Box Plots
log2(QCStamp) (dRCI<10)