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Comparative analysis between ChIP-seq and other enrichment-related NGS datasets requires prior characterization of their degree of technical similarity. NGS-QC Generator is a computational-based approach that infers quality indicators from the distribution of sequenced reads associated to a particular NGS profile. Such information is then used for comparative purposes and for defining strategies to improve the quality of sample-derived datasets.


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Evaluate the quality of your favorite ChIP-seq or enrichment-related NGS dataset through our customized Galaxy platform instance.
"Google" in our database hosting Quality control descriptors for publicly available NGS-generated datasets. Currently hosting 108098 publicly available profiles.
Database hosting quality scores for publicly available long-range genome interaction assays (HiC, ChIAPET, 4C-seq).
New! Public resource providing a central access to the largest collection of genomic data. It allows to browse, visualize, compare, and analyze thousands of publicly available genomic datasets.
"Google" in our database for NGS-QC certified Antibodies.